e-invoice: Validate your invoices on your smartphone with the Tax Authorities app

Don't forget this date … February 25th is the deadline to validate your invoices on the e-invoice portal. However, this year there is excellent news! Through the new e-invoice app it is possible to register these invoices in a convenient and intuitive way.

If you haven't installed it yet, do it today and learn how you can validate your invoices using your smartphone.

e-invoice: How to validate your invoices on your smartphone with the Tax Authorities app?

The Tax and Customs Authority (AT) announced in early February a new version of the e-invoice app through which taxpayers can proceed with the registration and immediate validation of invoices or consult accumulated deductions.

Through the app the whole process is more intuitive and you can even validate invoices in bulk. The app also allows us, at any time, to know the number of outstanding invoices and the provisional deductions in IRS.

How to validate your invoices on the smartphone with the e-invoice?

Validating invoices through the app is relatively simple and fast. To do so, simply select the pending invoices, choose one or more records and then load Sort invoices.

By clicking on Sort Invoices you can indicate if the invoice is related to the scope of the professional activity and then indicate which is the expense activity or simply indicate the expense activity.

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