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Everyone knows that we need the money more than ever lately. With the current economic situation, it is difficult for more than one to indulge oneself or invite one’s partner out to dinner, since in our head it is repeated over and over again: Can you afford it? The answer will be given by Dollarbird, an application that we bring you today and that will allow you to have a record of your economic situation day by day without having to review the bank account assiduously, and foresee the money we are going to have in the future. Of course, this kind of tools are not bad at all, so let’s see how it works.

When you start the application for the first time, you will be asked to log in for the premium version, which has a huge amount of additional features and will cost us 3.58 euros per month or 35.88 euros per year. It’s not an outrage, but you would have to test those features you pay for in order to prove that the price is acceptable. In any case, we will focus on the free version, which has enough features to get the most out of this app. Underneath we will see a box that will give us the option to access it.

Dollarbird finances

Once we have selected the free version, we will see a calendar in which we will be able to consult our current balance and, in detail, our expenses. To begin, we will have to update this balance (current money that we have) and once configured this aspect, we will be able to indicate day by day the expenses and in which sector we make them. We will also be able to foresee the money that will be left soon through some graphs and to see a statistic in which it will be indicated to us which are the days of the week in which we spend more money.

The launch of this type of applications ‘organizers of daily life’ is a great relief for everyone, because little by little and thanks to them, our life is a little easier. I’m going to give you a chance to see if it’s as good as it looks, because money has to be taken care of.

At first glance it looks like another calendar application, but underneath it hides a powerful personal finance manager for everyday life. Its main novelty is that: to show the information of our finances in the iPhone as if it were a calendar, showing at a glance all the monetary entries and exits as a monthly summary.

But its functionality does not end there since it also offers us daily, weekly and monthly reports and reminders of recurring movements, so that we do not forget to pay the rent or check that we already have our payroll entered. It also has predefined movements ranging from random purchases, leisure or travel to monthly income or rent payments, which does not prevent us from creating new categories to our liking to customize our financial activity.

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