Cybertruck – Norwegian Justice Minister bets on Tesla's new pickup

Tesla's new pickup, Cybertruck was announced just over a week ago and is already a global success. Despite widespread criticism of the company's design, it seems to be one of the usual products where it "strangles first and then enters".

Tesla surely has no hands for so many orders generated immediately after submission. Thus, interested parties have been disseminated in the 4 corners of the world and from the most varied quarters of society.

Tesla Cybertruck is the most desired

This new vehicle launched by the US company marks an innovative concept in the electric vehicle market by drawing many people to the pre-booking announcement of the vehicle. One such person was Norwegian Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr who made a point of sharing his new acquisition publicly.

Everything makes it seem that a futuristic design has more and more output and is able to convince the market. Proof of this was the more than 146,000 pre-booking requests made in just 3 days, which attracted a large number of senior people.

Norwegian minister Jøran Kallmyr wants Tesla pick-up

One such individual was Norwegian Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr, who used his Facebook page to share a screenshot of the reservation made for Tesla's new pickup.

He took the opportunity to add some comedy to the sharing, making a point of marking his wife and stating that it is easier to apologize for the purchase of the car than to ask for his permission.

In a statement to the online newspaper Nettavisen, the justice minister admitted his initial uncertainty about the design adopted by Tesla. According to him, "At first glance, it was terribly ugly, but gradually it became increasingly spectacular." However, the video of the Cybertruck clash against the Ford F-150 was the turning point in the minister's view that surrendered to the vehicle's performance.

This is a toy car for a man approaching the midlife crisis. So I had to have it.

Added the Minister.

According to the shared screenshot, the minister seems to have opted for the AWD version with two all-wheel drive engines that guarantees a range of over 480 km and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4.5 seconds.

Given his current position in the Norwegian government, it is easy to see that it was not just the eccentricity of the pickup that caught his attention. With a stainless steel exoskeleton that gives the vehicle a rigid, almost impenetrable structure, durability and element resistance are highlighted, two key features for a potentially effective law enforcement vehicle.

This made Kallmyr declare that Cybertruck would be an excellent vehicle for law enforcement purposes. “The future is probably electric cars… In the future, I think the police will drive electric cars,” he says.

Who ugly loves, handsome seems to him

Cybertruck was another controversial release getting mixed opinions among the brand's various followers. However, regardless of the beauty of the pick-up, Tesla has managed to bring to market yet another innovative product at an affordable price.

For about $ 39,990, base version, the buyer can take home a sturdy, well-equipped van that can travel long distances without any load. Being a 100% electric vehicle, the low maintenance cost helps to justify a higher initial investment compared to the classic vehicles with internal combustion engines.

For the mentioned base value, the buyer is entitled to the RWD version, with the implementation of only a single engine on the rear axle, with two more powerful and higher market values ​​available, with two engines and three traction engines. (AWD), respectively.

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