Beware, Microsoft warns that there are two serious flaws in Windows 10

Windows 10 security has always been a sensitive topic. Even with all the protections that Microsoft puts on this system, these flaws still exist, often the result of apps and extras that are added by users.

Two new problems have now been reported by Microsoft and affect this system. The software giant is not going to solve them for now, but it does give users ways to get around them and thus protect themselves.

Windows 10 Microsoft Adobe security flaws

Two new flaws in Windows 10

It is not uncommon for security issues to arise in Windows 10 and other versions. Many of them are inherent to the operating system itself, due to code failures, but many are from external sources and result from added elements.

Two new problems now appear to be present in these systems, which can result in serious failures for users. From what Microsoft described in a security bulletin, these are serious and are already being exploited in targeted and very specific attacks.

Problem is in Adobe Type Manager Library

The flaw is, according to Microsoft, in the Adobe Type Manager Library. This library was created so that Windows can manage Adobe fonts. When trying to preview Adobe's Type 1 PostScript font, the flaw can be exploited in a seemingly simple way.

Windows 10 Microsoft Adobe security flaws

With a specifically created document, attackers are able to execute remote code, which then gives them full access to the operating system. It is important to emphasize that the fault is transversal to all versions of Windows, even the most recent ones dedicated to SoC ARM.

Microsoft security fix still delay

Microsoft is already preparing a solution to this problem in the meantime. As it is in the document preview, the solution for now is to inhibit this functionality. Another solution is to disable the WebClient service or, finally, rename the ATMFD.DLL file.

These flaws are identified with critical severity and a solution should not be launched until next April 14th. It will be on that day that the next Patch Tuesday will be made available, when the corrections are made public.

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