Analysis: FIIDO D2S – a hybrid electric bike, so you don't get too tired… or nothing

The world is now more aware of the reduction of environmental impact, and the use of electric vehicles combined with green energies is increasingly a trend. Scooters and electric bicycles mark an important position here, especially when dispensing with the use of the car for short trips, and FIIDO has a very interesting E-Bike range for urban mobility.

The FIIDO D2S was the model we selected to test, and today we present the complete analysis for this E-Bike. Realize how it works and what it is capable of.

Analysis: FIIDO D2S - a hybrid electric bike, so you don't get tired enough ... or nothing - E-bike

There are several reasons to consider alternative and environmentally friendly means of transport, such as a scooter or an electric bicycle.

First of all, it is essential that in your routine do relatively short routes, from 1 to 5 km, so that the time spent in traveling is not too time consuming. If this condition occurs, then it is certain that you will save on the use of the car or public transport, and may even be able to get around more quickly, in the case of driving in the city.

So, if you are considering changing your lifestyle and adopting an electric vehicle for traveling over short distances, the E-Bike FIIDO D2S it is an option to consider, with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Did you arouse curiosity? See our video review.

Video review - FIIDO D2S electric bike

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The FIIDO D2S is nothing more than a foldable bicycle, in 3 parts, with a 16 ″ wheel and features already at an intermediate level, such as mechanical disc brake and shock absorber in the frame. But in addition to being a simple bicycle, it has an electric motor that gives you a “little push”, making travel less demanding.

The electric motor is then located on the rear wheel and has a power of 250W, reaching a maximum speed of 23km / h, in the exclusively electric mode. The battery has a capacity of 7.8Ah, with a charging time of about 5 hours.

The wheels, as already mentioned, are 16 ″ with rim and have a tire for road circulation, with an inner tube. It also has a shock absorber, to absorb irregularities in the rear axle, and has mechanical disc brakes.

It has a great level of adjustment, with height adjustment of the handlebar and saddle, and adjustment of inclination and position of the saddle. The handlebar can also be adjusted in rotation, as it also has a quick grip in the center.

With regard to bicycle “functionality”, the pedals themselves have a Shimano gearbox system, with a 6-speed gearbox, diverter and handle. The pedalboard has only one gear wheel and the retractable pedals, to allow better storage.

In the handlebar, in addition to the brakes and the shift knob, the accelerator occupies 1/3 of the right handle. On the left side there are 2 buttons, for the horn and the LED light. In addition, on the left side there is also the control of the electrical system, where it can be switched on / off and adjusted in power. In any electric traction mode, any of the brakes, when applied, immediately deactivates the electric motor.

Finally, it has mudguards on both wheels, a rest and a reflector in the lower area of ​​the saddle. It weighs 19 kg and can be used by people up to 120 kg.

Foldable design, easy transport

The fact that it is a bicycle with the capacity to be foldable allows a much wider range of possibilities. It fits in the vast majority of luggage compartments and can be assembled / disassembled in about 15 seconds.

If, on the one hand, it allows you to take it easily in the car to any place, to give your “spin”, it can also be taken as an advantage that can be used to complete, for example, your way to work. It will not only make it easier to move around the city, but it will also avoid the need to find a car park in a very busy area. Thus, you can park the car comfortably on the periphery, and travel by bicycle in the most difficult area, until the destination.

Assembly is simple and done in 4 steps: open the frame and lock, lift the handlebar and lock, adjust the height of the handlebar and saddle (if necessary) and open the pedals. After dismounting, and before mounting, you naturally have to grab the bike, and that is a boring point. Not because of the task itself, but because of the effort required to lift the 19 kg that make handling difficult, especially for women or for those less able to use force.

Electric system operating mode

The main concept in an electric bicycle of this type is the help that the electric motor gives while cycling. As soon as you turn on the electrical system, with a long click on the M button, just start pedaling so that in a moment, you feel that the task has become simpler, just by following the pedal “lightly”.

By default, when switching on the system, help is always at the low level, which reaches a speed of 8 km / h. You can thus adjust the aid level to medium or high, with maximum speeds of 14 km / h and 18 km / h, respectively.

Then, for those who are unwell or lazy, the accelerator is available, which is effectively an accelerator, not a simple switch. Occupying about 1/3 of the right handle, simply rotate the accelerator for the battery to supply energy to the electric motor, reaching a maximum speed of 23 km / h.

Cycles and mopeds… is this bike legal in Portugal?

It is a characterization that varies between countries. In Portugal, according to the highway code, a 2-wheel vehicle with an electric motor and maximum power does not exceed 4 kW, it is a moped.

However, in the most recent revision of the Highway Code, translated into Law No. 72/2013, Article 112 in point 2 covers the capacities of this bicycle, specifically the maximum speed of 25 km / h and the power of 250w, with exception of the ability to operate exclusively in electric mode. However, point 3 is more comprehensive and aggravates this exception.

In short, yes, this bike is totally legal to travel on the roads in Portugal, not requiring registration, approval, insurance or letter.


The FIIDO D2S hybrid bike serves different user profiles and can be an excellent solution to facilitate commuting to school or work. The “push” that the electric motor gives while pedaling, makes traveling not so tiring, preventing you from reaching sweaty places where it is not intended.

The way the FIIDO D2S arrives, in its box, is a very positive point. Just cut the knurled clamps and mount the bike. Everything is properly tuned and lubricated, ready to use. You just have to make sure that the tires have enough pressure to travel safely.

It is very easy to assemble and disassemble and does not require much effort or expertise. But the process of assembling and disassembling is also part of transport, and that is where the most boring part comes from: the FIIDO D2S weighs around 19 kg, which does not seem like much, becomes a little demanding given the volume of the bike . Another less good detail is the fact that there is no lever to lock the dismounted position, making the frame open during transport, making it even more difficult.

The structure is very robust and has no gaps in the removable connections, nor anywhere else. The materials are of quality, from the entire braking and shifting system, to the shock absorber, saddle and wheels. The existence of changes is essential, to allow routes of greater difficulty and also to allow greater speed.

The D2S is comfortable, allows a great adjustment of the driving position and the shock absorber responds very well to floor disturbances.

The electrical system

As for the electrical system, both for support and for exclusively electric operation, it is responsive and works very well, with a pleasant performance. We miss the inclusion of a digital odometer, not only to know the instantaneous speed and range, but also the distance covered, eventually even with smart features and connection to the smartphone. It would be interesting that it was included, with a design framed the rest.

In terms of autonomy, it is very variable, since in addition to the exclusively electric mode, it has 3 help modes of different intensity, which naturally varies the energy consumption a lot. The weight of the user and the type of floor can also significantly vary the range. After consuming 3 total loads, we can see that in an exclusively electric mode, without any sharp climbs / descents, more than 30 km are achieved. In minimum aid mode, you can go beyond 60 km.

It could be interesting to be able to remove the battery so that it can be charged separately from the bike. Thus, it will be mandatory that you have an outlet near the place where you leave the bike.

It is also worth mentioning that, if the battery is completely discharged, the LED light will not have power to work, since it uses the same power circuit.

In conclusion…

FIIDO D2S does not leave anyone indifferent to its passage and is an example of what, most likely, we will start to see much more often on the roads. It has good materials and good finishes, with only the technological aspect neglected.

The FIIDO D2S E-Bike is available in gray and white for € 519, using the discount code FIIDO20. Shipping is free and fast, made from Europe.

Pplware thanks Geekmall for providing the E-Bike FIIDO D2S for analysis.


In addition to the FIIDO D2S, there are other models with a different design and without changes. There are also other brands with interesting proposals, such as Xiaomi HIMO, KUGOO, ONEBOT and Samebike. See all available models here.


Quality of materials and construction


Ease of assembly / disassembly



  • Robust and quality structure
  • Easy and assemble / disassemble
  • Electrical system performance


  • Weight makes transportation difficult
  • Has no odometer or smart features
  • Battery is not removable

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