After all 5G's NOS campaign is to maintain! ARP changes decision

The NOS campaign, “A Generation Without Limits” has been causing some controversy. On the one hand, MEO, which has filed a complaint with the Advertising Self-Regulation (ARP), and on the other, that NOS considers it all legal.

After a first phase NOS was forced to withdraw campaign on 5G, after resorting to ARP gives reason… to NOS.

After all 5G's NOS campaign is to maintain! ARP gives operator reason

ARP has now given reason to NOS in appealing an advertising campaign on a 5G mobile tariff. This decision revokes the previous decision to cease its disclosure, according to a decision to which Lusa had access today.

At issue was an advertising campaign called “A Generation Without Limits” concerning a mobile tariff, which promotes the 5th generation of mobile Internet and “no limits on data, calls and SMS”. It should be recalled that MEO, owned by Altice Portugal, had filed a complaint with the ARP Advertising Ethics Jury against NOS about this campaign. The entity had ruled on October 30 that it constituted “a misleading commercial practice” and therefore “its disclosure” should “cease immediately and should not be replaced on any basis”.

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ARP dispatch changes initial decision

According to now the order of the ARP…

There is not a slight glimpse of any lack of duty to act truthfully - Advertiser NOS said it is ready for 5G and there is nothing to call into question the reliability of such a statement, ”reads the ruling, dated 26 November.

The decision also states that

The Appeal Committee hereby upholds the appeal, revoking the decision of October 1, 2019, of the 1st Section of the Ethics Jury of the Self-Regulation, which will have no effect.

According to the indicative timetable proposed by the National Communications Authority (ANACOM), the start of the 5G licensing auction will take place in April next year (2020). It is scheduled to close by June, so completion of the Frequency Use Rights (DUF) allocation procedures will be between June and August.

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