10 apps to enhance photos on Android and iPhone

For the best photographer and master techniques to take better photos, using applications to enhance photos may be a good solution to correct imperfections that have remained.

Once properly edited and corrected, you can share them on your social networks or move photos from your phone to your PC to keep a backup. Or even create presentations using applications for video editing with photos!

Most apps of this style are easier to use than tools for designers on the PC or Mac. These programs are often confusing and difficult to learn in the first moments.

If you’re still learning how to manipulate the photos you take from your Android or iPhone, it’s best to bet on some of these apps to enhance photos. To help you with this task, we’ve sorted out the 10 best options you’ll find on Google Play or the App Store.

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1. Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is the compact version of the PC image editor. Therefore, it contains all the functionality of the version for computers. In addition, you can access your camera phone and use your own Lightroom settings for your photos.

In the editing part, Lightroom allows you to edit images in RAW format and insert watermarks or make adjustments to the exhibition, among others. You can sync your jobs through Adobe Creative Cloud, allowing you to continue editing an image that is independent of the device you are on.

2. Snapseed

This Google app is one of the few mobile tools that can also serve professionals who need to urgently edit an image on their mobile phone. Equipped with a wide range of tools and adjustments, Snapseed is free.

With it, you can place and edit filters, erase the background of the photo and control its intensity and a tool to adjust specific points of an image.

It is worth remembering that all tools common to applications to improve photos are also present: cutting, resizing, rotation, among others.


Another free application with tools that can please professionals. A social network similar to Instagram, VSCO focuses on the community of photographers, rather than content.

You can also use your camera as an application, freeing up more functionality than the native app on your smartphone.

Some VSCO features include exposure adjustment and color balancing while taking photos, bring your own custom filter pack, and allow you to create video presentations with your images.

4. Prism

This image editor can turn your photos into a work of art! Or at least that’s the Prisma proposal, available for Android or iPhone. The app contains a selection of your own filters inspired by the styles of the most renowned artists, such as Picasso or Michelangelo.

Prisma also functions as a social network, allowing you to share your creations with other users or publish them on the most used social networks in the world.

Although free, Prisma brings a set of paid filters, but you can get for free by giving our tutorial on how to download paid apps for free on Android!

5. Pixelmator

IPhone and Mac users will benefit greatly from using Pixelmator. Made for advanced level image editing, this is one of the applications to enhance photos that will surely fulfill your goal. In addition, it also serves designers who want to create images.

For beginners, it brings color correction tools that work with just one touch. In this way, you can gradually learn how to correct colors in photos.

Other tools include the ability to duplicate specific areas of an image, add special effects to Pixelmator’s own collection, and a tool to correct imperfections such as darkened teeth or unwanted bones.

6. Afterlight 2

One of the only apps to improve paid photos from the list. Despite this, Afterlight 2 makes up for features. Among them, we highlight tools to illuminate, darken, blur, and increase or decrease the saturation level.

It also brings an ample collection of light effects, including simulating as if it were an effect created by a professional camera. You can also combine photos and have access to the app’s own collection of filters.

7. Foodie

Free, this is one of the few applications to enhance photos specialized in one type of image. If you like to take pictures of your meals, then the Foodie is a full plate!

The app brings a series of filters that can enhance your meal or snack, be it the infamous “podrão” of the street or an imposing sushi boat. This app also brings guides teaching how to get the best angle of food.

8. PicsArt

If you like to include drawings in your photos, PicsArt may be a better solution than advanced editors. The application allows you to overlay your images, creating interesting combinations.

In addition, you can cut points in one photo and put them in another easily, perfect for creating memes of your friends.

PicsArt can be downloaded on Android or iOS.

9. Perfect365

Your goal is to take memorable selfies? Perfect365 is the ideal application for this. With it, you can apply all kinds of digital makeup. Lipsticks, brokers and virtual eyeliners are at your disposal.

This means that in addition to serving as one of the apps to enhance your photos, you can use it to test what a makeup look like. Perfect365 is available on both Android and iPhone.

10. Live Collage

Want apps to enhance photos and make collages? So Live Collage is the right app for that. Specializing in collages, it has a good variety of templates for you to put your photos on.

In addition, the app is free and allows you to insert text with font and custom colors. The app can be used on iOS or Android.

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